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We see digital technologies and innovations as opportunities for businesses of all kinds. From artificial intelligence to IoT, cloud and edge computing, we have our finger on the pulse of dynamic changes and understand the untapped potential and risks – and how to manage both responsibly. We combine business strategy, technology expertise, and top-nodge project management.

We work across industries, specializing in strategy development and guiding you through implementation. Our strength is taking responsibility for our actions and recommendations, offering expert advise to startups, mid-sized companies, and corporations.

Business Strategy

Strategy & Transformation

New business models and technologies. Markets and consumer behavior are constantly changing. These are just some of the challenges you face today. We see this dynamics as an opportunity!

  • Strategy Development: We analyze market environments, screen competitors, and are familiar with best practices. Focused on your own strengths, we work with you to develop a strategy that accelerates your company forward on its journey.
  • Implementation & Trusted Advisory: We stand by our recommendations. We support you entrepreneurially in effectively implementing the strategy through clear actions and project management.
  • Business Transformation: To ensure the success of your transformation initiative, we assist you with the right toolkit, appropriate methodology, and our experience in strategically, tactically, and operationally managing transformation activities.

At the core of each of our recommendations and actions we prioritize business value and operational excellence – for your company, your employees, and your customers.

Digital Excellence

Digital & Operational Excellence

Digitalization opens up new opportunities for revenue growth and cost savings! We optimize operational processes and enhance your competitiveness with our expertise in deploying digital solutions.

  • Technology Consulting & Implementation: Tailored selection and implementation of technologies that support your business goals. We accompany you from RFI to commissioning, manufacturer-neutral and independently.
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics: Rapid, data-driven decisions ensure sustained competitive advantages. We assist you in extracting valuable insights from your data to optimize your performance.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the tangible benefits for your business. AI enables more efficient operational processes, personalized customer experiences, precise predictions, and faster responses to changes.

We accompany organizations seeking to actively address accelerating change and increasing customer needs – providing support with pragmatic solutions and agile methodologies. 

M&A Transaction Advisory

M&A Transaction Advisory

We assist private equity and strategic investors – both buy and sell-side – in M&A transactions, focusing on delivering value for informed decision-making.

  • Strategy Consulting & Project Management: Strategic recommendations for optimizing transaction structures, valuations, and negotiations. Coordination of communication and collaboration. Management of the transaction process from briefing to closing.
  • Digital / Technical Due Diligence: In-depth examination of digital assets and technologies, evaluation of technology, infrastructure, systems, and processes.
  • Carve Outs, Post Merger Integration & Value Creation: Organizational design, integration, or separation of processes and technologies. Minimizing resistance and building trust.

We accompany transactions with an entrepreneurial mindset – as if it were our own investment. Always in your interest – and gladly measured and involved in the success of the transaction.

IT Transformation

IT Strategy & Transformation

Are your customer experiences and business models becoming increasingly digital? Has the role of your IT shifted from being a pure service provider in this context? Do you already perceive your IT as the foundation of your value creation?

  • IT Strategy: We think IT holistically, focusing not only on system modernization but also on aligning it with business objectives. We assist in evolving your organization, system and software landscape, structures, and processes.
  • IT Governance: Security and compliance don´t need to impede swift, customer-oriented actions and growth potentials. We'll show you how.
  • Cloud Transformation: Achieving scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and agility requires deploying services tailored to the right use case in the right measure - a mission where our expertise can guide you.

Competitive advantages arise when you translate your corporate strategy into an IT strategy and successfully implement it. We're here to accompany you through this journey!

Cyber & IT Security

Cyber & IT Security Consulting

Customer data, information, know-how, patents. How well are your critical assets protected? Are you aware of the vulnerabilities in your IT architecture? How effective and robust is your IT security concept? Do you have contingency plans for cyber incidents?

  • Cyber & IT Security Assessment: We assist you with security assessments or provide support for analyzing and assessing your architecture.
  • Cyber & IT Security Strategy: For a strong foundation, IT security must be anchored both technically and organizationally. Together, we develop a thoughtful strategy that encompasses all services and ensures a high level of security across the entire company.
  • ISO/IEC 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS Controls, PCI DSS: Standards help improve your cybersecurity and protect against potential threats. We assist in their practical application aligned with your business needs.

IT and cyber security are not expenses but investments! We enable you to make business-savvy decisions to minimize your risks and increase your resilience!

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We define ourselves as the entrepreneurs we are. We are curious, visionary, and brave. We embrace and live up to the responsibility for what we do. We translate our knowledge into competitive advantages for you. This makes us a partner you can trust in the long run. We look forward to accompanying your journey as well.

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Strategy & Transformation
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Strategy & Transformation
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